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Mobile mapping more accurate with a novel algorithm

A novel algorithm developed by University of Twente Ph.D. candidate Phillipp Fanta-Jende improves the accuracy of surveyed mobile mapping imaging products. It can compensate for measurement errors introduced from erroneous ...

Mobile access won't fix the digital divide

Mobile services have had an important and positive impact on developing countries where they are the main means of connecting to the internet. However, mobile services have capacity constraints. They use limited radio frequency ...

How hackers could use Wi-Fi to track you inside your home

As connected devices such as voice assistants, security cameras, and smart appliances grow in popularity, the homes and offices where they are installed become increasingly filled with a dense web of Wi-Fi signals.

Free broadband? UK Labour Party promises nationalization

The British Labour Party's latest plan for public ownership of big industries sent shivers through the telecoms sector Friday with an electoral promise to nationalize part of the former phone monopoly BT to provide free fiber ...

Security problems found in 5G protocol

A combined team of researchers from the University of Iowa and Purdue University has found nearly a dozen security breaches in the 5G protocol. They have written a paper describing both their findings and a security breaching ...

Got a weird text? A telecom vendor says it's to blame

If you woke up to a weird text that seemed totally out of place, you aren't alone. A mysterious wave of missives swept America's phones overnight, delivering confusing messages from friends, family and the occasional ex.

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