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Internet pricing 101: Why costs are all over the map

There are 95 million American households with fixed - as in, not wireless - internet access, but few of us really understand why we pay what we pay, especially when we hear about a neighbor or relative with a cheaper rate ...

dateAug 02, 2017 in Telecom
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Why you still can't ditch your cable box

Not that long ago, the clunky cable box looked like it was on its way out. The federal government was pressuring cable companies to open up their near-monopoly on boxes to more competition, and industry leader Comcast promised ...

dateJul 27, 2017 in Telecom
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Communication in times of crisis

Researchers at the TU Darmstadt around Professor Matthias Hollick are experimenting with technologies designed to empower the civilian population in times of crisis. They aim at establishing basic communications and means ...

Inflight internet ready to take off

Inflight internet access, a nascent market still hobbled by slow speeds, is set to take off as dedicated satellites make surfing in the skies a reality, experts say.

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