Samsung launches a new vacuuming robot

Samsung launches a new vacuuming robot

( -- Samsung Electronics has launched its latest autonomous robot vacuum cleaner, the Tango, which is capable of vacuuming hardwood floors, carpets, and even beds without human assistance.

The company, based in Seoul, Korea, has launched vacuum cleaners before and the Tango shares a similar dual spinning brush design of predecessors the Hauzen, launched in early 2008, and the Furot of September 2009, although the design of the Tango's brush has been updated to increase its efficiency.

The Tango is fitted with a 30 fps camera to help the device see where it's going, to map its way around and remember its course. It also has an improved gyro to help it keep its sense of direction. The new device's crash sensor can detect objects from as close as 2cm (under 1 inch) away. In total, the device has 13 to enable it to see the dust and avoid bumping into the furniture.

Samsung launches a new vacuuming robot

Other vacuuming robots are already on the market, such as the irobot Roomba, the Vacuum Robot, which vacuums and recharges itself automatically, and uses UV to kill dust mites. Another robot , the Dirt Dog is designed specifically for cleaning workshops.

The Tango is expected to be available for around $425 to $600 (US), but there is no sign of it being released any time soon in Europe or the US.

Samsung launches a new vacuuming robot

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