Study: CEOs not doing enough on social networks

(AP) -- A new study says top CEOs should do a better job managing their presence online, on social sites like Twitter and Facebook and even Wikipedia.

Sharon Barclay, who runs executive PR firm Blue Trumpet Group and the blog UberCEO, took Fortune's 2009 list of the top 100 CEOs and found what she calls a "miserable level of engagement" when it comes to social networks.

Barclay only found two CEOs with accounts, and only 13 had profiles on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals.

Though Barclay did not poll the CEOs themselves, she says the results question whether these executives are managing their online reputation.

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Jun 24, 2009
ok normally I wouldnt bother but i just had to say this is about the stupidest thing ive ever seen. SCREW twitter and facebook, and the concept of "managing their online reputation". -the implication being that these are now REQUIRED. not so. hopefully never so. CEOs are rightfully judged by their history, experience, and performance. If you are investing/not investing based on a CEO's facebook page, you deserve to lose your money and miss opportunities. this crap takes the cake. congrats. 'stinking pile of rubbish' would be complementing this. a new study? a study? really? lol rotflmao. stfu! should read 'an overzealous self-interested opinion of a PR person that looked at a list'.

Jun 24, 2009
Well duh. Their time is worth like $8000/hr. That's what secretaries are for.

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