KIDO'Z: Internet for Kids

KIDO'Z kid-friendly Internet browser
KIDO'Z offers a child-friendly Internet experience.

( -- When my son first started going to pre-school, I was surprised by the fact that there was a computer in the classroom. Aren't 3-year-olds a little young for this? However, the computer wasn't connected to the Internet; it's main purpose was to promote familiarity with what is rapidly becoming an indispensable part of modern life in the developed world. That seems to be one of the purposes behind the latest Internet browser application, called KIDO'Z, aimed at children ages 3-7: Give kids a safe and familiar place to learn the concepts associated with the Internet -- which is fast becoming a necessary tool for schoolchildren to understand.

KIDO'Z is billed as an Internet application that doesn't require kids to know how to read and write. Indeed, the browser is so visually interactive and intuitive that many children will need very little assistance as they surf their own private Web. KIDO'Z is desktop browser application powered by AIR, and it provides a unique experience for each child, since it is fully customizable.

The main selling point for this browser, though, is its safety. You set your child's age, so that appropriate material is presented. All games, Web sites and applications have been carefully screened by the folks at KIDO'Z to ensure that it is safe for children. Additionally, there are parental controls that allow you to further tighten the security of your child's Internet experience. It is even possible to put a daily timer on the application to help more effectively limit the amount of time your kids spend online.

Some of the features that KIDO'Z offers include:

1. for kids.
2. Games.
3. Social media for children, so that they can interact with friends online.
4. Parental controls to limit pop-ups, scripts and downloads.

So far, the content on KIDO'Z is free. However, the company plans to put together packages that offer premium content and other special features. This would provide access to a wider variety of content for children. Because KIDO'Z makes use of closed communications tools, there are limits to what is available. You may have to use the control panel to manually add some kid-friendly Web sites that you want allowed on KIDO'Z. The company is also in talks right now to have the included with the packages offered by computer manufacturers.

KIDO'Z joins other children's Internet browsers KidRocket, KidZui and BuddyBrowser.

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