Apple iPhone to Receive Some Upgrades

May 26, 2009 by John Messina weblog
Apple iPhone 3G

( -- The Apple iPhone is one of the most versatile smart phones around today and it's about to get better. The news of what the next generation iPhone will be like is traveling fast.

What is known about the next is that that it will include a more powerful processor and it will only come in 16GB and a 32GB version. In addition the amount of local RAM is being doubled to 256 Mb. Video recording will also be added to the 3.2 megapixel camera.

An OLED screen will be used on the new iPhone that will consume less , leading to an increase in battery life of about 1.5 times from previous models.

Word has it that the 400 MHz processor will be updated to a 600 MHz process; the same that is currently used in the .

The new iPhone will also include GPS and will offer a turn by turn application for directions. map technology is used to identify locations from photos and to provide the user with more information about a location from the photo. There is also word that the compass technology will appear in this new version also.

This new iPhone is expected to be unveiled at the WWDC event on June 8 but that it will be launched on July 17th at $199 for the 16GB version and $299 for the 32GB version with a two-year contract.

Via: Fudzilla, Washington Post

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not rated yet May 26, 2009
The second generation iphone was just made available in Canada, not too far back in time. I got one as they came into availability.

I was locked into a high priced contract for three years. Simply as I required internet connectivity 'on the go' to be more effective in the work I do.

6 months later, a new iphone comes out that is notably half the price.

Do I trust Rogers, My carrier, or Apple? Not in the slightest.

Will I ever use or buy one their services or products again? After this sort of notably straight up screwing in a direct and hard manner of I, the customer's -ass?

1 / 5 (1) May 26, 2009
I'm going to be frank here KBK, it's neither the fault of the company, your carrier, Apple, or Rogers. You should have realized that prices were going to fall, things would improve, and you were going to get screwed from behind if you bought the iPhone too early. Just follow a little bit of advice, don't ever get something the first time it comes out. You usually get cornholed horribly, if you can pardon the verbiage, if you do. It's both a bad idea, and a bad investement. If you plan to buy something then do so because you either need or have some extra cash lying around.

It seems more like you have buyer's remorse than anything right now, but it ought to make you wiser in the long run.
not rated yet May 26, 2009
KBK - Those prices are for the US not Canada and are identical to the current US pricing, so I would expect Rogers to maintain their current pricing. That three year contract is rather long. AT&T in the US is only 2 years. I think your beef is with Rogers not Apple.

In regards to the new version - everyone knew it was coming. Apple always releases their new iPhone hardware in June. Did you expect them to keep the product the same forever?
not rated yet May 26, 2009
Been reading this website for about a year now created an account just to comment on this. Everything in this article is rumour and speculation, not that there's anything wrong with that just it should probably be mentioned somewhere especially since the two sources you linked to disagree on whether some of the features (most notably the OLED screen) will even be present.

That being said I hope the rumours are true I've been holding out on a Nokia 6600 since my last phone ended up in a pool a few months ago and I think it's about to give up on me. :D
not rated yet May 26, 2009
Product life cycles will get shorter and shorter, so when you buy into something like the iPhone, you need to plan ahead and decide when to jump in and face the fact that you will then miss a few product cycles, as I did with my iPod Touch. I have no regrets, as I was not ready for the iPhone, but I did want to try out the other features. I love it. Also, we all benefit from software upgrades, and those upgrades occasionally give you new features that your old hardware supports, but Apple wasn't ready to unlock. Let's face it, they have an upgrade plan to keep them competitive...a necessary evil that will keep them in business, keep them relevant, and as a byproduct, keep providing us with cutting edge devices.
not rated yet May 27, 2009
I'm going to be frank here KBK, ....

...It seems more like you have buyer's remorse than anything right now, but it ought to make you wiser in the long run.

The issue is that in Canada, there is a lack of service and we are tied to a data limit.

We are also the proud recipients of the worst service at the highest price-in the world. Even though we are one of the most technologically advanced countries.

People can buy the second generation iPhone and service in Romania, for example, at a quite notably less expensive rate.

to say that Rogers is pure unadulterated bullshit is an understatement. Even Apple agrees. They were pissed about how poor the service that Rogers was giving to iPhone buyers. Then Rogers backed down on even that poor service and quality level-even as the phone finally became available. It's like a wireless service 'asshole competition' here in Canada.Rogers was such a screw-up that Apple would have loved to pull out of any deal.

The only reason that the iPhone is available through Rogers is due to their tight association with At&T in the US.

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