Hoverit Unveils MagLev Chair

Hoverit  Levitating Chair
Hoverit explains that sitting in the levitating lounger is "like floating on a cloud." Credit: Hoverit, Ltd.

British company Hoverit, Ltd., has recently introduced "The Lounger," a chair that defies gravity by hovering a few inches above its base. The Lounger uses permanent magnets in the chair and base to life the chair in the air.

The company has not released many details about how the magic is done, but they confirm that the chair gives the sensation of floating on air. The product is hand-built, and designed with state-of-the-art CAD software. The base of the chair floats up and down on two guide bars, presumably so that it won´t float away. The base has castor wheels to make the two-piece furniture easy to move.

The Lounger not only feels unique, but it looks stylish, as well. The magnetic furniture is made of clear acrylic which allows you to see every component. Although there is no word yet on when it will go on sale (or its price), each lounger comes with a clear anti-scratch mat and a limited edition certificate and serial number.

Thanks to the magnetic field it exudes, perhaps the floating chair will also have health benefits, the company suggests. According to its Web site, "Permanent magnets can also help back, muscular problems and headaches, so our furniture not only looks good - it may make you feel good too."

Hoverit will be demonstrating its revolutionary magnetic furniture at the Ideal Home Centenary Show, which takes place March 14 - April 6 in Earls Court London.

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More information:Hoverit.co.uk

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