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The future of stretchable electronics

Stretchable electronics represent a promising new technology for next-generation wearable devices, according to a review published in Science and Technology of Advanced Materials.

date6 hours ago in Engineering
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Lightening the load

The heavier an aircraft is, the more fuel it needs to stay in flight. Every single part adds to the total weight of the aircraft, from the wings to the engines to the bolts that hold everything together. The many parts that ...

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Improved control of big power in little motors

Little motors power everything from small comforts, such as desk fans, to larger safety systems, like oven exhaust systems—but they could be more precise, according to a research team from Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories.

dateMar 21, 2019 in Engineering
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Strength in numbers for 3-D printing

Additive manufacturing, also called 3-D printing, is commonly used to build complex three-dimensional objects, layer by layer. A*STAR researchers have shown that the process can also help to make a high-performance alloy ...

dateMar 18, 2019 in Engineering
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New robot hand is soft and strong

50 years ago, the first industrial robot arm called Unimate assembled a simple breakfast of toast, coffee, and champagne. While it might have looked like a seamless feat, every movement and placement was coded with careful ...

Students design 3-D-printed optical mapping system

Two School of Engineering and Applied Science students designed a 3-D-printed system for optical mapping, a leading tool in cardiac electrophysiology used to study arrhythmia mechanisms. The system can be implemented for ...

Airbus trials drone delivery to ships

Airbus on Friday began trials of drones delivering parcels to ships anchored offshore in Singapore, as the high-tech city rolls out the devices for an array of tasks.

Your body has internet—and now it can't be hacked

Someone could hack into your pacemaker or insulin pump and potentially kill you, just by intercepting and analyzing wireless signals. This hasn't happened in real life yet, but researchers have been demonstrating for at least ...

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