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Device mimics the mangrove's water-purifying power

The mangrove tree survives in its subtropical habitat by efficiently converting the salty water of its environment into fresh water—an engineering feat that has long baffled scientists.

Scientists finally confirm a 50-year-old theory in mechanics

An experiment by EPFL researchers has confirmed a theory that has been used in mechanics for over half a century—despite never having been fully validated. The team could now use the theory in bolder and more innovative ...

Firm wants to recover the Titanic's iconic telegraph machine

The salvage firm that has plucked silverware, china and gold coins from the wreckage of the Titanic now wants to recover the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Machine that transmitted the doomed ship's increasingly frantic distress ...

Snakes help engineers design search and rescue robots

Snakes live in diverse environments ranging from unbearably hot deserts to lush tropical forests, where they slither up trees, rocks and shrubbery every day. By studying how these serpents move, Johns Hopkins engineers have ...

Researchers demonstrate new capability for cooling electronics

For decades, researchers have considered the potential for cooling hot electronic devices by blowing on them with high-speed air jets. However, air jet cooling systems are not widely used today. Two of the biggest obstacles ...

Using a shape memory polymer as a robot gripper

A team of researchers at Zhejiang University has created a new robot gripper using a shape memory polymer. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the group describes the material, its use as a gripper, ...

Las Vegas excavation gives new meaning to Tunnel Vision

Stress balls and sneakers have been valuable assets for any suitcase traveler going to Las Vegas on assignment. Nobody needs a reminder who has travelled to Vegas for work purposes that getting from place A to place B requires ...

Low-cost 'smart' diaper can notify caregiver when it's wet

For some infants, a wet diaper is cause for an instant, vociferous demand to be changed, while other babies may be unfazed and happy to haul around the damp cargo for lengthy periods without complaint. But if worn too long, ...

Automated construction site productivity and quality monitoring

If you want to improve the productivity and quality of construction work, you need an efficient way to monitor progress and detect quality issues on a daily basis. Aalto University's Reality Capture (RECAP) project examined ...

Human-centered design for future mobility

Evolution of the way we move rapidly increased during the industrial revolution when the automobile replaced horse-drawn carriages. In the early 1900s, linear production lines—largely attributed to the Ford Motor Company—made ...

New air-pressure sensor could improve everyday devices

A team of mechanical engineers at Binghamton University, State University of New York investigating a revolutionary kind of micro-switch has found another application for its ongoing research.

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