Sony's memory stick pack bundles movies

Purchasers of Sony's new Memory Stick Entertainment packs will get a surprise: their choice of a movie.

The packs, available for about $60, aim at attracting PSP system enthusiasts to use their system for more than just games.

Sony Electronics will be making 1GB and 2GB Memory Stick Duo Entertainment Packs available that will be bundled with an installer DVD. Consumers then use the complimentary unlock code upon inserting the installer DVD into a personal computer, and select, unlock, and transfer one of four movies.

Movies to choose from are: "Hitch," "S.W.A.T.," "The Grudge" or "XXX: State of the Union," and are viewed exclusively on the PSP system.

"The Memory Stick Entertainment Pack bundles fun with function," said Mike Kahn, senior manager for Memory Stick Media at Sony Electronics. "This collaboration with Sony Pictures provides a quick, simple way to get a full-length movie onto Memory Stick media at no extra charge."

"We had great success on the big screen with each of the movies offered in the Memory Stick Entertainment Pack," added Mike Arrieta, senior vice president, digital distribution and mobile entertainment of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. "We expect consumers to have renewed enjoyment from these movies on the go as we make them available on Memory Stick media cards for the PSP system."

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