Washington-area BioBlitz a success

A U.S. National Park Service project aimed at collecting biological specimens in the Washington area has uncovered some seldom seen wildlife.

Chemists make superstar reaction more accessible

If a chemical reaction can enjoy superstar status, then the process known as metathesis just might qualify. The reaction, involving a swap of atom groups that has been compared to changing partners in a square dance, made ...

HCL: Indian tech innovators

Calling itself "the original garage IT start-up," HCL Enterprise was started more than 30 years ago in Noida, now a boom town adjacent to the country's capital of New Delhi. With annual revenues of $3.2 billion, HCL continues ...

Disney puts together 'Pirates' online game

Disney has a long history of taking popular films and extending their long-term value by creating rides and theme-park attractions based on the films.

Clearwire Corp. secures $900M

Clearwire Corporation has secured $900 million in the financing round, led by Intel Capital, the investment arm for the Intel Corporation.

Antarctic ocean found crucial to atmosphere's health

Circulation in the waters near the Antarctic coast may be one of the planet's critical means of regulating levels of carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere, according to researchers from MIT, Princeton and the National ...

Wavesat, TI working on WiMax access card

Texas Instruments and Wavesat are working on a reference design for a mini-PCI module that will lead to smaller and simpler WiMax wireless systems.

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