In Brief: Georgia Tech with BellSouth telecom switch

BellSouth will be providing a telecommunications switch for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The switch will support up to 50,000 phone lines and connect 113 classroom and administration buildings, dormitories, research laboratories and sports facilities.

"Georgia Tech is home to some of the top students, researchers and technology projects in the world," said John Mullin, chief information officer at Georgia Institute of Technology. "This research community depends on secure and reliable voice networks to communicate and BellSouth is delivering that solution."

"BellSouth, Nortel and Georgia Tech all provide significant intellectual and capital investment to the technology community through joint research, technology jobs and the sharing of network resources," said Dick Anderson, president and vice chairman of BellSouth Business Markets. "The new switch will help ensure that Georgia Tech can continue to effectively communicate as it aggressively develops the leading technologists of tomorrow."

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