Microsoft unveils new webcams

Microsoft Tuesday unveiled a line of webcams designed for optimal performance with the company's popular Windows Live Messenger instant-messaging system.

Retired FSU Professor Captures a 'Living Fossil' on Video

The first images of a live specimen of a small, furry animal once believed to have gone extinct more than 11 million years ago have been captured during a Southeast Asian expedition led by a retired Florida State University ...

Scientists find chlorine may contribute to ozone formation

Standard methods of predicting air pollution don’t take atmospheric chlorine into account, but the chemical could be responsible for 10 percent or more of daily ozone production in local air, research at UC Irvine has found.

Intel Researchers Improve Tri-Gate Transistor

Intel Corporation researchers today disclosed they have developed new technology designed to enable next era in energy-efficient performance. Intel's research and development involving new types of transistors has resulted ...

Physicists Devise New Technique for Detecting Heavy Water

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology have created a new method of detecting heavy water that is 30 times more sensitive than any other existing method. The detection method could be helpful in the fight against ...

Hubble Eyes Star Birth in the Extreme

Staring into the crowded, dusty core of two merging galaxies, NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has uncovered a region where star formation has gone wild.

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