Get ready for targeted ads on digital TV

Online ads trying to sell us things we previously searched for are already the norm. But the advent of digital TV means our buying habits could soon influence the ads we see between our favorite television shows too.

How much excitement do you want from your relationship?

We all want a little excitement from our relationships, but exactly how much is influenced by how long we see that relationship lasting, according to new research from Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

How organizations can boost charitable giving

Charities and nonprofits can increase engagement and revenue by setting suggested donation levels that are appropriate for their donor lists, according to new research by the University at Buffalo School of Management.

Scheduling leisure activities makes them less fun: study

Nothing ruins a potentially fun event like putting it on your calendar. In a series of studies, researchers found that scheduling a leisure activity like seeing a movie or taking a coffee break led people to anticipate less ...

New research examines 'jilting effect' on consumers

New research from the Penn State Smeal College of Business suggests that when people have an expectation of receiving a highly attractive option and then it falls through, what they possess no longer seems as satisfying as ...

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