Groups, US reach settlement on predator-killing poisons

U.S. officials have agreed to complete a study on how two predator-killing poisons could be affecting federally protected species as part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed by environmental and animal-welfare groups.

Bitcoin heist: 600 powerful computers stolen in Iceland

Some 600 computers used to "mine" bitcoin and other virtual currencies have been stolen from data centers in Iceland in what police say is the biggest series of thefts ever in the North Atlantic island nation.

Rome subway construction uncovers 2nd-century military home

Archaeologists say work to expand Rome's subway has unearthed a sprawling 2nd-century domus, or residence, of a military commander, complete with well-preserved geometric design mosaic, marble floors and frescoed walls.

Backyard chickens need more regulation

Historically, keeping backyard chickens was a response to economic hardship—whether it was in the Depression or during wartime food rationing.

Mapping nanoscale chemical reactions inside batteries in 3-D

Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have developed a new technique that lets them pinpoint the location of chemical reactions happening inside lithium-ion batteries ...

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