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Microsoft to ship IE with Windows 7 in Europe

Microsoft said it would not separate its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser from versions of Windows 7 shipped to the European Union when the new operating system launches worldwide in October.

dateAug 03, 2009 in Software
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Microsoft to let Europeans pick browser in EU deal

(AP) -- More than 100 million Europeans will get to pick a Web browser after Microsoft agreed to offer Internet users a choice to avoid fresh fines - a move that could represent a real thawing of long-standing ...

dateDec 16, 2009 in Software
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EU finally about to settle Microsoft browser case

(AP) -- Microsoft Corp., which has already shelled out $2.5 billion in antitrust fines in Europe, is on the brink of closing a chapter in its long-running battle with regulators there, just in time for another ...

dateOct 07, 2009 in Software
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Microsoft going after Google's home turf

Microsoft, by entering into a partnership with Yahoo!, is seeking to do battle with Google on its home turf and in one of the few arenas it has failed to conquer -- the Web.

dateJul 29, 2009 in Internet
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