Microsoft Reviews HTML 5 Standards

HTML 5 Standard

( -- Microsoft's Internet Explorer Program Manager, Adrian Bateman will be reviewing the specifications for HTML 5 that has been taken more seriously by Apple, Google, Opera, and Mozilla.

Adrian Bateman stated: "As part of our planning for future work, the IE team is reviewing the current editor's draft of the HTML5 spec and gathering our thoughts. We want to share our feedback and discuss this in the working group."

The current draft of HTML 5 includes number of important advancements that will render web pages more dynamic. Some of the HTML 5 features will include built-in video and audio with the ability to store web applications on your computer so that they can be used offline. This approach would increase response time.

, Apple, and are using some of HTML 5 features in their latest browsers; however Microsoft is being more cautious. Internet Explore 8 supports some of HTML 5 features like, the DOM Store, Cross Document Messaging, Cross Domain Messaging, and Ajax Navigation.

In a CNET interview, in July, with Amy Barzdukas, general manager for IE, Amy commented; "The support of ratified standards (that ) can use is something that we are extremely supportive of." "In some cases, it can be premature to start claiming support for standards that are not yet in fact standards."

The message that Microsoft is trying to convey is that they are now focusing more on the HTML 5 specifications. Microsoft's philosophy in the past has been that they would determine what technology IE should support. As we all know, Microsoft Internet Explore has been steadily loosing market share with their competitors and realizing now that they need to change their old philosophy.


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Aug 11, 2009
Who gives a crap. They polluted the computer industry.

Aug 12, 2009
Who gives a crap. They polluted the computer industry.

Correction, they started the computer industry.

Aug 12, 2009
I am with Bob -- kind of -- I think Apple actually started the personal computer industry -- But MS gave us a OS to love -- And MS did nothing but grow the computer industry and face it people MS is a SOFTWARE company -- They do not make computers, unlike what Apple adds would have you believe MS %u2260 PC MS = Software -- like it or leave it.

And if they just happen to create products so good that no one else wishes to compete then don;t get mad unless you want to try to create an OS, or and Office Suite thats intercompatible.

And lets remember that twice in the last fifteen years MS gave Apple money just to keep them alive.
WHY??? because Apple had lost so much market share they were going to go under as a company and that meant no competition in OS's and that meant monopoly. So do not get it twisted that MS destroys any and all competition -- it buys company's that actually have a product that can add value to its existing line. And most of these company's sell out because they now that the product as a whole would never compete, but it has one little nugget in it that is gold.

And if you wanna debate standards remember MS doesn't create the standards outside of its own products; International committes create them. If you don;t wanna script to MS products then don't -- but face it you will lose 70% of the internet audience out there. SO -- shut up -- you create things for consumers to see be happy they have a computer they can use enough to get to the internet to see your script run and have a nice pretty web page cause without MS standardizing the way people interact with computers most people would still be too scared to use them. (I am not saying another company would never have risen up to become as popular but the only reason people throw stone at MS is because they are on top.)

Aug 14, 2009
Arikin -- No what i said was stop whining about coding for IE it puts money in your pocket and you sound like disgruntled employee thats upset he doesn't get the "cool" projects.

So you can understand it in McDonalds terms -- Don't gripe about the rules McDonalds has on advertising in their resturant if your business advertises to 70% of the population that goes out to eat by putting a sign up in their resturant.

It makes you money to make darn well sure IE users can clearly see your web page --- gripe , moan, play a little violin --- but it does not change the fact that if you chose not to cater to the MS stanards you lose more than 50% of your viewing audience.

Its funny -- now that you have made me think about it --- since over 70% of the western worlds population uses IE --- that sounds like the standard to me.

If the rules say go right but there is an expection that says if this turn left -- and that exception happens 70% of the time then the rule is actually turn left with a 30% exception to turn right.

Sep 01, 2009
I block built in video and flash on mozilla. It might be cool for the first 1000 commercials you see, but then it gets extremely annoying. If I want to watch videos I can always do it.

And anyway, the tendency isn't to use more powerful computers for browsing, but the opposite-to use netbooks or mobiles to browse. In this case, who needs larger scripts and even more security leaks that will force you to buy a better antivirus and firewall and all the other useless stuff they sell you.

I use Linux :)

P.S. Am, as a website owner, I can tell you that 70% of the worlds population doesn't use IE! At least in my stats, most people use Mozilla.

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