IBM endorses Firefox as in-house Web browser

A screen displays the logo of the open-source web browser Firefox
A screen displays the logo of the web browser Firefox. Technology giant IBM wants its workers around the world to use free, open-source Mozilla Firefox as their window into the Internet.

Technology giant IBM wants its workers around the world to use free, open-source Mozilla Firefox as their window into the Internet.

"Any employee who is not now using will be strongly encouraged to use it as their default browser," IBM executive Bob Sutor said Thursday in a blog post at his website.

"While other browsers have come and gone, Firefox is now the gold standard for what an open, secure, and standards-compliant browser should be."

Making Firefox the default browser means that workers' computers will automatically use that software to access the Internet unless commanded to do differently.

All new computers for IBM employees will have Firefox installed and the global company "will continue to strongly encourage our vendors who have browser-based software to fully support Firefox," according to Sutor.

New York State-based IBM, known by the nickname "Big Blue," has a corporate history dating back a century and now reportedly has nearly 400,000 workers.

"Today we already have thousands of employees using it on Linux, Mac, and Windows laptops and desktops, but we’re going to be adding thousands more users to the rolls," Sutor said.

Sutor is the vice president of open source and Linux at IBM, which launched an Open Source Initiative in 1998. Open-source software is essentially treated as public property, with improvements made by any shared with all.

Firefox is the second most popular in an increasingly competitive market dominated by by Microsoft.

Chrome has been steadily gaining , last week replacing Apple Safari as the third most popular Web browser in the United States.

"We'll continue to see this or that browser be faster or introduce new features, but then another will come along and be better still, including Firefox," Sutor said.

"I think it was Firefox and its growth that reinvigorated the browser market as well as the web. That is, Firefox forced competitors to respond."

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Jul 01, 2010
Can't say I blame them.

Firefox has some problems with crashing, but in general uses a fraction of RAM of internet Explorer, and runs much faster and has more features, which is actually making Microsoft look pathetic lately since everything they make takes more and more RAM and processor to do the same old job.

The Microsoft bloat has become a complete joke, because computers are hundreds of times faster in terms of stats, and yet Microsoft operating systems and applications often have little or no new functionality, and hog memory and processor more and more.

Jul 01, 2010
Agree QC sick of having to upgrade computers just to run the operating system and leave nothing left for the applications.

Jul 02, 2010
I like Firefox, but it isn't as standards compliant as I'd like. Although nor is any browser yet I guess

Jul 02, 2010
I'm not quite sure what QC and jsa are talking about. I love trying new software, and I keep coming back to Explorer. Yes, the latest version will not run on XP, but no other browser consistently supports as wide a selection of websites as does Explorer. For that matter, I don't know any websites Explorer doesn't support.

Jul 02, 2010
From my foray in to learning web design I'd say Explorer often resorts to compatibility mode to render websites (and the user is probably not aware) which is fine if you don't want the extra features. Perhaps it is this that makes it slower in response than Firefox?. If you look at css standards explorer has been behind the pack for a long while and only in the last few years has been catching up.

Jul 02, 2010
Yes, the latest version will not run on XP

Semmster, I run the latest version of IE on XP with no problem. Are you up to date on all updates and running service pack 3?

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