Intel's new Ivy Bridge parts form a budget line

Jan 22, 2013 by Nancy Owano weblog

(—News from Intel on Ivy Bridge microarchitecture involves the rollout of eight new SKUs (processor unique identifier part numbers) to Celeron and Pentium families as well as a new Core chip. Translation: Intel's latest processors has now arrived at a budget-friendly line. With the release of pricing and specs for three Celeron family CPUS, G1610, G1610T and G1620, four Pentiums, G2010, G2020 and G2020T and G2130 and a new Core i3-3210, available now.

Processors based on Intel's were already available but confined to the mid- to high-end. This has now changed with the release of Celeron, Pentium, and Core CPUs, and they are all compatible with existing Socket 1155 motherboards.

The i3-3210 is 3.2GHz, 3MB Cache, with up to four threads via Hyperthreading, 55 , priced at $117.

Celeron and Pentium models have two cores and two threads each.

Three new Celeron processors are priced from 42 to 52.

The Celeron G1610 is 2.6GHz, 2MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 55 watts, at $42.

The Celeron G1610T is 2.3GHz, 2MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 35 watts at $42 The Celeron G1620 – 2.7GHz, 2MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 55 watts, priced at $52.

The four new Pentium processors are the G2010, G2020, G2120T, and G2130.

The Pentium G2010 is 2.8GHz, 3MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 55 watts, at $64.

The Pentium G2020 is 2.9GHz, 3MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 55 watts, $64. The Pentium G2020T is 2.5GHz, 3MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 35 watts, at $64.

The Pentium G2130 is 3.2GHz, 3MB Cache, 2 cores/2 threads, 55 watts, at $96.

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More information: via CPU-World, Geek.

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2 / 5 (4) Jan 22, 2013
Perform worse than the previous generation.
1 / 5 (3) Jan 22, 2013
Celeron, really?
4.5 / 5 (2) Jan 22, 2013
Perform worse than the previous generation.

Have a look at that page, VendicarD. If you're looking for AMD, ctrl f will save you a few pages of scrolling. Once you find them, particularly the FX-8350, you may notice that a bit up the page is the Pentium G870 @ 3.1 GHz. Not only is Ivy Bridge a few percent performance per clock increase over sandy bridge, it uses less power at any given clock, and therefore, the Pentium G2130 at about the same price, is clocked 100 MHz faster at the same TDP. Assuming a 2% perf per clock advantage for Ivy Bridge, this puts the new Pentium at 15% greater single thread performance than AMD's flagship --within one third the wattage, at half the price. Given that most workloads aren't heavily threaded, I think that's a better deal.
not rated yet Jan 24, 2013
All garbage! – Low performance but still 35 to 55W TDP.
Instead of that they should - for a reasonable price - make low power mobile CPUs available for desktop PCs, offering the same or superior performance at 17W TDP.
But that's just a joke.

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