Microsoft tablet Surface to start at $499

Oct 16, 2012
Microsoft said Tuesday its new Surface tablet computer—designed to challenge Apple's iPad—will be sold at roughly the same price as the market leader.

Microsoft says its first tablet computer, the Surface, will start at $499 when it goes on sale Oct. 26.

The price matches that of Apple Inc.'s , the most popular , but the base model of the Surface has twice as much storage memory: 32 gigabytes.

The signature hardware feature of the tablet, a cover that doubles as a keyboard, will cost another $100.

The launch of the Surface is an unusual move for Microsoft, which usually sells software to computer makers instead of making computers itself. It coincides with the launch of Windows 8, a version of the operating system that's designed to work better on touch-screen computers and tablets.

The first version of the Surface doesn't have a regular Intel-style PC processor and won't run PC software.

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1 / 5 (1) Oct 16, 2012
3 / 5 (2) Oct 16, 2012
but will it be able to have a full compiler -- that is the real question.

If I can compile on it I can do anything else
5 / 5 (1) Oct 16, 2012
The idea is to get into the hardware market just as Apple is a primarily hardware driven company these days. There have been calls for a slate with a full OS (Windows or MacOS, so long as it's fully capable), instead of the barely capable iOS on the iPad. Yes, I'm aware that there are slates that run Windows 7 by companies such as ASUS and HP, but apparently those 'didn't count'. At least the price point is better, but if it 'won't run PC software' then I guess Vendicar's question is still valid: Why?
1.8 / 5 (5) Oct 16, 2012
So any details on what sort of hardware is on the inside? I want to know if I can shove an SSD in this thing.

I give it 5 days before someone has *nix running on this thing.
not rated yet Oct 17, 2012
This one is built for Arm based applications and will be compatible only with windows app store apps. The full blown one is shown as coming soon which will have a core i5 processor and will run any windows application, and assuming will be much more expensive
not rated yet Oct 17, 2012
Joe, according the MS's website it has a microSDXC slot and a USB port (doesn't specify 2.0 or 3.0). You'll be able to attach an external drive, or plug in a microSD card, but the base model comes with a 32GB SSD. Intel has made the most reliable SSDs that I've used, but certainly not the cheapest. Hopefully Microsoft will at least be using Intel SSDs for this cheap one, even if they are not using an Intel processor.
1 / 5 (4) Oct 28, 2012

May I extend the question to include the need for such garish looking keyboards. Is this MS' idea of fashion? From a practicle perspective, I can't see how these colours are comforable to type on if you are outside in the sun, the reflection off them would be nauseating.

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