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Key worker in protein synthesis factory revealed

In all living cells, DNA makes RNA and RNA makes proteins. The molecular factory that translates the information from RNA to proteins is called the "ribosome" (shown in the accompanying movie). It is a large ...

Enabling a new future for cloud computing

NKorea launch pad expansion 'nearing completion'

Smart bacteria help each other survive

The body's assailants are cleverer than previously thought. New research from Lund University in Sweden shows for the first time how bacteria in the airways can help each other replenish vital iron. The bacteria thereby increase ...

When it comes to how pizza looks, cheese matters

Hacking Gmail with 92 percent success

Severe drought is causing the western US to rise

Sunlight, not microbes, key to CO2 in Arctic

Biology made simpler with "clear" tissues

( —In general, our knowledge of biology—and much of science in general—is limited by our ability to actually see things. Researchers who study developmental problems and disease, in particular, ...

Key adjustment enables parasite shape-shifting

Crafty parasites frequently undergo dramatic shape changes during their life cycles that enable them to adapt to different living conditions and thrive. But these transformations might not be as difficult ...

Children with autism have extra synapses in brain

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