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US cybersecurity firm: Hackers stole EU diplomatic cables

Hackers have spent years eavesdropping on the diplomatic communications of European Union officials, a U.S. cybersecurity firm said Wednesday, an operation disrupted only after researchers discovered hundreds of intercepted ...

Australia passes cyber snooping laws with global implications

Australia Thursday passed controversial laws allowing spies and police to snoop on the encrypted communications of suspected terrorists and criminals, as experts warned the "unprecedented powers" had far-reaching implications ...

Tech giants warn Australia against law to break encryption

Digital giants led by Google, Facebook and Amazon have warned Australia against passing a "fundamentally flawed" law allowing security services to spy on encrypted communications among suspected criminals and terrorists.

Cyberattacks wakeup call for local governments to prepare

Atlanta police officers initially had to write reports by hand. Residents still can't pay water bills online. Municipal court dates are being reset. All are fallout from a ransomware attack last week that hobbled the city's ...

Cyberattacks prompt massive security spending surge

The fight against cyberattacks has sparked exponential growth in global protection spending, with the cyber security market estimated at $120 billion this year, more than 30 times its size just over a decade ago.

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