China produces as much CO2 per person as Europe: report

China's carbon dioxide (CO2) levels soared in 2011, putting its per capita emissions on a par for the first time with those of Europe, while global levels of the greenhouse gas hit another all-time high, a report released ...

Breaking the rules of chemistry unlocks new reaction

Scientists have broken the rules of enzyme engineering to unlock a new method for creating chemical reactions that could unlock a wide range of new applications—from creating new drugs to food production.

Tandem photocatalysis of CO2 to C2H4 achieved

The photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into C2+ products such as ethylene is a promising path toward the carbon neutral goal, but it remains a big challenge due to the high activation barrier for CO2 and similar reduction potentials ...

Producing F-18 radiopharmaceuticals for PET imaging

Recently ANSTO researchers have made progress investigating improved ways to make life-saving radiopharmaceuticals using the fluorine-18 radioisotope so they can be available in more hospitals at lower cost.

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