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Researchers detect two-dimensional kagome surface states

Kogome lattices have become a new focus in the study of condensed matter physics for their novel features. However, due to the in-plane and interlayer interactions in materials, the intrinsic features of the 2D kogome lattices ...

Decoding protein assembly dynamics with artificial protein needles

Protein assembly is essential for the formation of ordered biological structures, but imagine engineering one. This is exactly what researchers at Tokyo Tech have now accomplished with protein needles. By regulating the tip-to-tip ...

Adding sound to quantum simulations

When sound was first incorporated into movies in the 1920s, it opened up new possibilities for filmmakers such as music and spoken dialogue. Physicists may be on the verge of a similar revolution, thanks to a new device developed ...

Researchers announce photon-phonon breakthrough

New research by a City College of New York team has uncovered a novel way to combine two different states of matter. For one of the first times, topological photons—light—has been combined with lattice vibrations, also ...

Getting up to speed on the proton

Scientists have developed a groundbreaking theory for calculating what's happening inside a proton traveling at the speed of light.

A non-invasive way to image Wigner crystals directly

A team of researchers at the University of California at Berkeley, working with a group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, has developed a non-invasive way to image Wigner crystals directly. In their paper published ...

How flawed diamonds 'lead' to flawless quantum networks

The color in a diamond comes from a defect, or "vacancy," where there is a missing carbon atom in the crystal lattice. Vacancies have long been of interest to electronics researchers because they can be used as 'quantum nodes' ...

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