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Hybrid bound states in the continuum in terahertz metasurfaces

The quality factor (Q) is a critical parameter that characterizes the strength of light-matter interactions. Cavities with higher quality factors have the ability to efficiently confine light and thus enhance light-matter ...

Fiber optics shed light on solid-state physics phenomena

Researchers from two laboratories at ULB have realized a synthetic dimension for light using a fiber optic ring. This ingenious system simulates the periodic motion of a particle in a crystal in order to study its behavior ...

Two-dimensional nanoparticles with great catalytic potential

Hydrogen is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fossil fuels. Until now, expensive and rare substances such as platinum have been needed for its catalytic production, for example via electrolytic ...

Graphene grows—physicists find a way to visualize it

Graphene is one of the strongest materials. On top of that, it is exceptionally good at conducting heat and electrical currents, making it one of the most special and versatile materials we know. For all these reasons, the ...

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