Virus, hurricane season delay removal of wrecked cargo ship

Efforts to cut apart and remove a capsized cargo ship off the Georgia coast are being delayed for more than two months because of hurricane season and challenges posed by the coronavirus, project leaders said Friday.

Understanding and predicting hurricanes in a warmer world

A tropical storm warning was issued for New York, New Jersey, and other mid-Atlantic states on Friday, July 10 due to Tropical Storm Fay, the earliest sixth-named storm on record. The storm made landfall near Atlantic City, ...

Climate change brings summertime heat to Florida's early spring

Florida is caught between a climate change-induced sauna of extreme spring temperatures and a steam bath caused by warming oceans. The result has been record-setting heat that has turned April into summertime across the peninsula, ...

NASA analyzes Kammuri's heavy rainfall

NASA provided analyses of Typhoon Kammuri's heavy rainfall on its track through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean using the Global Precipitation Measurement mission or GPM core satellite.

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Hurricane season

Hurricane season refers to a period in a year when hurricanes usually form. For more information see: Tropical cyclone#Times.

For a lists of past seasons, see:

"Hurricane season" is also commonly but incorrectly used to describe typhoon or cyclone seasons in basins that do not refer to tropical cyclones as hurricanes. In this sense, it may refer to:

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