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How does red tide impact beachgoers?

Many people are flocking to the Gulf Coast for spring break. However, toxic red tide algal blooms have put beachgoers and residents on alert.

Linking African winds to Atlantic storms

High above the northern tropical countries of Africa, in warmer months, waves of low pressure can form in the atmosphere and blow westward toward the Atlantic. When these African easterly waves reach the ocean, tropical cyclones—including ...

A study of stormy Houston switches gears

In weather terms, convection is the process of conveying heat and moisture upward through a turbulent atmosphere. From there, convection forms clouds—mostly puffy, rain-free shallow cumuli. But others evolve into towering ...

Why are sustainable practices often elusive?

For at least 200,000 years, we humans have been trying to understand our environments and adapt to them. At times, we have succeeded; often, we have not. When we get it wrong—through anthropogenic exacerbations leading ...

Study finds effect of Earth's orbit on ancient microorganisms

Curtin University researchers studying molecular fossils or "biomarkers" from deep beneath the Chicxulub impact crater have found evidence of how microorganisms changed in response to fluctuations in the Earth's climate, ...

Salt water creeps toward New Orleans up Mississippi River

Drought upriver has left the Mississippi River so low and slow that salt water is creeping farther than usual along the bottom toward New Orleans and threatening drinking water, the Army Corps of Engineers said Wednesday.

Hurricane Kay hits northwest Mexico before weakening

Hurricane Kay made landfall Thursday in northwestern Mexico before losing strength as it moved inland, bringing heavy rain to parts of the Baja California Peninsula, forecasters said.

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