NASA-NOAA satellite finds Owen fading in the Coral Sea

Tropical Cyclone Owen appeared disorganized on satellite imagery as it moved through the Coral Sea in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Imagery from the Suomi NPP satellite showed that Owen was being stretched out and had weakened ...

NASA sees stronger Tropical Cyclone 33W headed toward Vietnam

33W was a tropical depression when it crossed the southern and central Philippines. As it moved through the South China Sea over the last two days it strengthened into a tropical storm and was renamed Usagi. On Nov. 23, NASA-NOAA's ...

NASA's IMERG reveals Hurricane Willa's rainfall

NASA uses satellite data to calculate the amount of rainfall generated from tropical cyclones, and used that capability for the Eastern Pacific Ocean's Hurricane Willa.

NASA-NOAA satellite finds Barijat crossing Gulf of Tonkin

Tropical Cyclone Barijat appeared disorganized on satellite imagery as it moved across the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea. Barijat is being torn apart and had weakened from wind shear. After a landfall on Sept. 13, it is ...

NASA sees 14th Eastern Pacific Tropical Depression form

Tropical Depression 14E formed far from land and poses no threat to land areas. On Aug. 14, NASA-NOAA's Suomi NPP satellite flew over developing Tropical Depression 14E in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.

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