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Researchers map protein network dynamics during cell division

An international team led by researchers at the University of Toronto has mapped the movement of proteins encoded by the yeast genome throughout its cell cycle. This is the first time that all the proteins of an organism ...

An ultracompact multimode meta-microscope

Versatility and miniaturization of imaging systems are of great importance in today's information society. Microscopic imaging techniques have always been indispensable for scientific research and disease diagnosis in the ...

Molecular rulers for high-resolution microscopy

There is good news for researchers working with high-resolution fluorescence microscopy: Biocompatible molecular rulers are available for the first time to calibrate the latest super-resolution microscopy methods.

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Fluorescence microscope

A fluorescence microscope (colloquially synonymous with epifluorescent microscope) is a light microscope used to study properties of organic or inorganic substances using the phenomena of fluorescence and phosphorescence instead of, or in addition to, reflection and absorption.

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