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Using diamonds to generate ultrashort THz pulses

The advent of intense ultrashort coherent light pulses has revolutionized the spectroscopy field. They allow easy observation of various nonlinear optical effects and facilitate the characterization of materials with nonlinear ...

Mathematics at the speed of light

Researchers at AMOLF, University of Pennsylvania, and City University of New York (CUNY) created a nanostructured surface capable of solving equations using light. This discovery opens exciting new opportunities in the field ...

Enzymes from bacteria and fungi break down plastic

Every year, the world produces 380 million tons of plastic. A lot of it ends up in nature and stays there for a long time. It can take 450 years to break down a plastic bottle.

Cubes outperform spheres as catalyst particles

To date, nanoparticles as catalysts for green hydrogen have been like rowers in an eight: researchers could only measure their average performance, but couldn't determine which one was the best. This has now changed following ...

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