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An optical chip improved by light

Technology is increasingly moving towards miniaturization and energy efficiency. This also applies to electronic chips. Light, and optics more broadly, are functional in making compact and portable chips. Researchers from ...

Organic light emitting diodes operated by 1.5 V battery

Researchers at Institute for Molecular Science, and University of Toyama, in Japan, report an efficient organic light emitting diode (OLED) operable by a 1.5-V battery that produces bright emission equivalent to luminance ...

Advances in simple crystals for thermoelectric technology

Space probes, gas pipelines, and other applications require an ongoing source of thermoelectric power without direct human maintenance, but current technologies for the corresponding energy conversion are inefficient. Now, ...

Uncovering the optimization secrets of fish schools

Nature documentaries have long exploited the elegant swerves of massive schools of fish. Fish team up to more easily cut through the water and protect themselves from predators.

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