Catalyst makes drugs inside the body to minimize side effects

A highly active catalyst capable of synthesizing drug molecules within the body has been developed by RIKEN chemists. In mice, an anticancer drug assembled near tumors using the injected catalyst suppressed tumor growth.

A fullerene-like molecule made entirely of metal atoms

A small team of chemists from Nankai University, Nanjing Tech University and Shanxi University, all in China, working with a colleague from Universidad San Sebastián, in Chile, has, for the first time, created a fullerene-like ...

Discovery of 100 fatty acids opens new research paths

Fatty acids are the molecular building blocks that form the lipids essential for life. While some lipids form cell membranes, others are present naturally as triglycerides in body fat and the waxes on our hair and skin.

Air pollution impairs successful mating of flies, shows study

Insect sexual communication relies to a significant extent on pheromones, chemical attractants that specifically allow males and females of a species to mate. Sex pheromones are distinctive to males and females of a species. ...

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