Tropical insects are extremely sensitive to changing climates

Insects that are adapted to perennially wet environments, like tropical rainforests, don't tend to do well when their surroundings dry out. New research published this Wednesday indicates they may be equally averse to heavy ...

Filling a vital gap in climate models

Researchers at the ARC Center of Excellence for Climate Extremes have filled an important gap in climate modeling and predictions with new research out today in the Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres.

Energy majors exaggerating green performance: analysis

Energy majors are exaggerating their green credentials in public messaging while continuing to allocate the majority of new investment to oil and gas projects, according to an industry analysis released Thursday.

Lightning strikes shape tropical forests

It's easy to see how droughts, fires and other features of the environment alter and determine the shape of a forest, from the trees that compose it, to where and which trees grow and live together.

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