Paris city bikes go electric

Ten years after Paris launched the wildly popular Velib bicycle-sharing scheme, the grey two-wheelers that have spawned imitators worldwide are getting a makeover.

Are the policies of promoting bicycle use socially profitable?

A study carried out by the research group Applied Economics & Management, which is based at the University of Seville, has included a Cost-benefit Analysis that estimates that the socio-economic returns of the constructions ...

China scrambles to tame bike chaos

A booming rental bike business has flooded China's streets with packs of cyclists, but their habit of going the wrong way and abandoning their rides anywhere is causing havoc.

More cycling with e-bikes

According to a new study, electric bikes make people cycle longer and more often. The effect is best on women.

Dutch launch 'intelligent bicycle' that warns of danger

The Netherlands on Monday launched its first-ever "intelligent bicycle", fitted with an array of electronic devices to help bring down the high accident rate among elderly cyclists in the bicycle-mad country.

Commuting by bicycle: Why the Irish aren't like the Dutch—yet

Cities around the world are pouring money into beautiful bicycle paths in hopes of convincing citizens to drive less and bike more. According to a new study in the Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, however, getting people ...

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