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Materials Science Oct 25, 2019

A new procedure for obtaining a cheap, ultra-hard material that is resistant to radioactivity

University of Seville researchers led by Professor Francisco Luis Cumbrera, together with colleagues from the University of Zaragoza and CSIC, have found a procedure for producing the phase B6C of boron carbide. This phase ...

Materials Science Oct 21, 2019

Research team develops probe for battery research

Argonne team develops a powerful technique for probing in three dimensions the crystalline structure of cathode materials at the nanoscale.

Condensed Matter Oct 14, 2019

Scientists reveal mechanism of electron charge exchange in molecules

Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have developed a new scanning transmission electron microscopy method that enables visualization of the electric charge density of materials at sub-angstrom resolution.

General Physics Oct 25, 2019

Science reveals improvements in Roman building techniques

The Romans were some of the most sophisticated builders of the ancient world. Over the centuries, they adopted an increasingly advanced set of materials and technologies to create their famous structures. To distinguish the ...

Materials Science Oct 19, 2019

Transforming sulphur dioxide from harmful to useful

Scientists have created molecular cages within a polymer to trap harmful sulphur dioxide pollution in order to transform it into useful compounds and reduce waste and emissions.

Condensed Matter Sep 24, 2019

Seeing sound: Scientists observe how acoustic interactions change materials at the atomic level

When exposed to stress and strain, materials can display a wide range of different properties. By using sound waves, scientists have begun to explore fundamental stress behaviors in a crystalline material that could form ...

General Physics Sep 23, 2019

How molecular footballs burst in an X-ray laser beam

An international research team has observed in real time how football molecules made of carbon atoms burst in the beam of an X-ray laser. The study shows the temporal course of the bursting process, which takes less than ...

Analytical Chemistry Sep 25, 2019

Multimodal X-ray and electron microscopy of the Allende meteorite

Multimodal microscopy can combine complementary nanoscale imaging techniques to extract comprehensive information on the chemical, structural and functional aspects of heterogenous samples. X-ray microscopy can achieve high-resolution ...

Analytical Chemistry Sep 13, 2019

Researchers use light to control high-speed chemical reactions in a new way

Many natural and synthetic chemical systems react and change their properties in the presence of certain kinds of light. These reactions can occur too quickly for ordinary instruments to see. For the first time, researchers ...

Materials Science Oct 08, 2019

High thermoelectric performance in low-cost SnS0.91Se0.09 crystals

Thermoelectric materials technology can convert between heat and electricity within a materials construct, but many existing materials contain rare or toxic elements. In a new study on Science, Wenke He and colleagues reported ...

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