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Nanophysics Jun 18, 2021

Atomic-scale tailoring of graphene approaches macroscopic world

Properties of materials are often defined by imperfections in their atomic structure, especially when the material itself is just one atom thick, such as graphene. Researchers at the University of Vienna have now developed ...

Nanomaterials Jun 10, 2021

Researchers have turned transparent calcite into artificial gold

In a breakthrough in metamaterials, for the first time in the world, researchers at Tel Aviv University have developed an innovative nanotechnology that transforms a transparent calcite nanoparticle into a sparkling gold-like ...

Quantum Physics Jun 07, 2021

An atom chip interferometer that could detect quantum gravity

Physicists in Israel have created a quantum interferometer on an atom chip. This device can be used to explore the fundamentals of quantum theory by studying the interference pattern between two beams of atoms. University ...

Materials Science Jun 01, 2021

Magnetic materials analysis has never been so comprehensible

Professor Andreas Michels, physicist at the University of Luxembourg, explores the complex world of magnetic materials by shooting neutrons on them. He has now published his insights in a 380-page monograph titled "Magnetic ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 30, 2021

Holographic histopathology enables fast, precise diagnostics

Histology is the study of biological tissues at a microscopic level. Also called microscopic anatomy, histology is widely used to provide diagnosis of cancer and other diseases. For example, tissue samples obtained during ...

Nanophysics Mar 19, 2021

Plasmonic tweezers: For nanoscale optical trapping and beyond

Optical tweezers and associated manipulation tools in the far field have had a major impact on scientific and engineering research by offering precise manipulation of small objects. More recently, near-field manipulation ...

Nanomaterials Feb 25, 2021

Scientists induce artificial 'magnetic texture' in graphene

Graphene is incredibly strong, lightweight, conductive ... the list of its superlative properties goes on.

General Physics Feb 08, 2021

The direct observation of the Pauli principle

The Pauli exclusion principle is a law of quantum mechanics introduced by Austrian physicist Wolfgang Pauli, which offers valuable insight about the structure of matter. More specifically, the Pauli principle states that ...

Optics & Photonics Jan 27, 2021

A vacuum-ultraviolet laser with submicrometer spot for spatially resolved photoemission spectroscopy

If vacuum ultraviolet lasers can be focused into a small beam spot, it will allow investigation of mesoscopic materials and structures and enable the manufacture of nano-objects with excellent precision. Towards this goal, ...

Bio & Medicine Dec 28, 2020

The evolution of single amyloid fibrils into microcrystals

Amyloids refer to abnormal fibrous extracellular and proteinaceous deposits found in organs and tissues that form insoluble constructs that are resistant to degradation. Their formation can accompany disease, where each disease ...

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