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Space Exploration Sep 17, 2021

Path set for commercial communications around the moon

ESA confirmed a contract signature yesterday with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) to be the main customer for their Lunar Pathfinder satellite launching in 2024 that will provide communications services around the ...

Optics & Photonics Sep 17, 2021

High-spatial-resolution interferometry enters the multi-wavelength era

Interferometers are widely used in various high spatial resolution imaging techniques to extend the diffraction limit. However, the conventional interferometric methods only work when the photons have the same wavelength.

General Physics Sep 17, 2021

Effect of electrons with negative mass in novel semiconductor nanostructures

A large international research collaboration led by Dr. Kai-Qiang Lin and Professor John Lupton from the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics at the University of Regensburg has been able to measure the effect of ...

Nanophysics Sep 16, 2021

Implanted atoms create unique electrical IDs that distinguish bona fide devices from forgeries

If someone sells you a luxury handbag from Paris, France, but it turns out be a forgery from Paris, Texas, the counterfeit item might cost you a thousand bucks and the crook could wind up in jail. But if a counterfeit electronic ...

Nanophysics Sep 16, 2021

Observing the life cycle of skyrmions in exquisite detail

For the first time, an all-RIKEN team has watched the entire life cycle of tiny magnetic whirlpools, revealing their birth, movement and death. This will be important for informing the development of future low-power memory ...

Nanomaterials Sep 16, 2021

Ultrasound at the nanometer scale reveals the nature of force

Researchers have developed a new method to measure force and atomic bonds at the nanoscale that reveals that the speed of sound depends on the structure it is traveling through.

Optics & Photonics Sep 15, 2021

Lasers light up neutron generation for radiography

Getting snapshots of systems and processes at precise time points is important to research and development in many fields, including biology, materials science, and engineering. Firing a neutron beam at a material is one ...

Optics & Photonics Sep 15, 2021

Hot-band absorption of Indocyanine Green for advanced anti-Stokes fluorescence bioimaging

Hot-band absorption based anti-Stokes fluorescence (ASF) of Indocyanine Green (ICG), much brighter than luminescence from rare-earth ion doped nanoparticles, was observed and studied by scientists in China and U.S. recently. ...

Astronomy Sep 15, 2021

NASA provides laser for LISA mission

Finding the biggest collisions in the universe takes time, patience, and super steady lasers.

Materials Science Sep 15, 2021

Scientists create 3D-printed, microscopic gas sensors: Painters' pallets without a hint of pigment

Scientists from Trinity and AMBER, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research, have discovered a way to fabricate tiny color-changing gas sensors using new materials and a high-resolution form ...

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