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Nanomaterials 3 hours ago

Oil separation made easier with 2-D material membrane

University of Manchester researchers have made a leap forward in overcoming one of the biggest problems in membrane technology- membrane fouling.

Analytical Chemistry Feb 24, 2020

Manipulating surface tension in fluids to suit various industrial needs

What do dishwashing liquid and nonstick pans have in common? Besides the fact that one is used to clean the other after cooking, both household items derive their usefulness by affecting the physical properties of fluids ...

Materials Science Feb 26, 2020

Team develops separator that reduces gas crossover for water electrolyzer

Dr. Won-chul Cho of the Hydrogen Research Department of the Korea Institute of Energy Research (President Jong-nam Kim) has developed a separator membrane that significantly reduces gas crossover while exhibiting high performance ...

Materials Science Feb 24, 2020

Programmable droplet manipulation by a magnetic-actuation robot

Droplet manipulation in materials science can contribute to water collection, medical diagnostics and drug delivery techniques. While structure-based liquid operations are widely used in nature and in bioinspired artificial ...

Materials Science Feb 18, 2020

Green approach accelerates process optimization and retrieval of 'switchable' solvents

Researchers at North Carolina State University have demonstrated a new, green technology for both accelerated screening and retrieving "switchable" solvents used in green chemistry applications. The new approach makes the ...

Nanophysics Jan 29, 2020

Microswimmers swim faster over slippery surfaces

Tiny self-propelling spheres, measuring only micrometers, move faster over a hydrophobic silicone surface than they do over hydrophilic glass. "Almost nobody had realized that the substrate matters," says Stefania Ketzetzi, ...

Bio & Medicine Feb 20, 2020

Researchers show what drives a novel, ordered assembly of alternating peptides

A team of researchers has verified that it is possible to engineer two-layered nanofibers consisting of an ordered row of alternating peptides, and has also determined what makes these peptides automatically assemble into ...

Materials Science Feb 12, 2020

Bubble-capturing surface helps get rid of foam

In many industrial processes, such as in bioreactors that produce fuels or pharmaceuticals, foam can get in the way. Frothy bubbles can take up a lot of space, limiting the volume available for making the product and sometimes ...

Condensed Matter Feb 05, 2020

The shape of water: What water molecules look like on the surface of materials

Understanding the various molecular interactions and structures that arise among surface water molecules would enable scientists and engineers to develop all sorts of novel hydrophobic/hydrophilic materials or improve existing ...

Materials Science Dec 02, 2019

New membrane technology to boost water purification and energy storage

Imperial College London scientists have created a new type of membrane that could improve water purification and battery energy storage efforts.

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