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Optics & Photonics Oct 14, 2019

3-D integrated metasurfaces stacking up for impressive holography

Physicists and materials scientists have developed a compact optical device containing vertically stacked metasurfaces that can generate microscopic text and full-color holograms for encrypted data storage and color displays. ...

General Physics Aug 19, 2019

Holography and criticality in matchgate tensor networks

Tensor networks take a central role in quantum physics as they can provide an efficient approximation to specific classes of quantum states. The associated graphical language can also easily describe and pictorially reason ...

General Physics Aug 20, 2019

Researchers propose new holographic method to simulate black holes with tabletop experiment

A research team from Osaka University, Nihon University and Chuo University has proposed a novel theoretical framework whose experiment could be performed in a laboratory to better understand the physics of black holes. This ...

Astronomy Sep 11, 2019

Black hole at the center of our galaxy appears to be getting hungrier

The enormous black hole at the center of our galaxy is having an unusually large meal of interstellar gas and dust, and researchers don't yet understand why.

Optics & Photonics Aug 27, 2019

Machine learning increases resolution of eye imaging technology

Biomedical engineers at Duke University have devised a method for increasing the resolution of optical coherence tomography (OCT) down to a single micrometer in all directions, even in a living patient. The new technique, ...

Optics & Photonics Sep 12, 2019

Metasurface holograms: Fast, compact polarization measurements for spectroscopy and sensing

For the first time, researchers have used ultra-thin layers of 2-D structures known as metasurfaces to create holograms that can measure the polarization of light. The new metasurface holograms could be used to create very ...

Computer Sciences Nov 28, 2018

A big step toward the practical application of 3-D holography with high-performance computers

Japanese computer scientists have developed a special purpose computer that can project high-quality three-dimensional (3-D) holography as video. The research team led by Tomoyoshi Ito, who is a professor at the Institute ...

Optics & Photonics Apr 27, 2015

Digital in-line holography helps researchers 'see' into fiery fuels

Transportation accidents, such as trucks crashing on a highway or rockets failing on a launch pad, can create catastrophic fires. It's important to understand how burning droplets of fuel are generated and behave in those ...

General Physics Nov 06, 2014

3-D digital holography of moving objects at a million frames per second

A million frames per second has been achieved in 3D digital holography of moving objects. The method, developed at Kyoto Institute of Technology in Japan, could be used to analyse high-speed phenomena, including plasmas and ...

Optics & Photonics Mar 07, 2019

Deep learning merges advantages of holography and bright-field microscopy for 3-D imaging

Digital holographic microscopy is an imaging modality that can digitally reconstruct the images of 3-D samples from a single hologram by digitally refocusing it through the entire 3-D sample volume. In comparison, scanning ...

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