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Mixing laser beams and X-ray beams

Unlike fictional laser swords, real laser beams do not interact with each other when they cross—unless the beams meet within a suitable material allowing for nonlinear light-matter interaction. In such a case, wave mixing ...

Flow of liquid metals found to exhibit surprising turbulence

Some metals are in liquid form, the prime example being mercury. But there are also enormous quantities of liquid metal in the Earth's core, where temperatures are so high that part of the iron is molten and undergoes complex ...

Ghostly 'mirror world' might be cause of cosmic controversy

New research suggests an unseen "mirror world" of particles that interacts with our world only via gravity that might be the key to solving a major puzzle in cosmology today—the Hubble constant problem.

Quasi-symmetry in CoSi reveals new type of topological material

Ever since the discovery of the quantum Hall effect (Nobel Prize 1985), symmetry has been the guiding principle in the search for topological materials. Now an international team of researchers from Germany, Switzerland, ...

Spin keeps electrons in line in iron-based superconductor

Researchers from PSI's Spectroscopy of Quantum Materials group together with scientists from Beijing Normal University have solved a puzzle at the forefront of research into iron-based superconductors: the origin of FeSe's ...

Light-controlled reactions at the nanoscale

Controlling strong electromagnetic fields on nanoparticles is the key to triggering targeted molecular reactions on their surfaces. Such control over strong fields is achieved via laser light. Although laser-induced formation ...

How to explain localized gap modes in Bose-Einstein condensates

Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs), created in ultracold bosonic atoms and degenerate quantum gases, are a macroscopic quantum phenomenon and are considered as a single particle in mean-filed theory. By preparing the BECs or ...

Blurring the boundary between Floquet matter and metamaterials

Metamaterials—artificial media with tailored subwavelength structures—have now encompassed a broad range of novel properties that are unavailable in nature. This field of research has stretched across different wave platforms, ...

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Long-hypothesized 'next generation wonder material' created for first time
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Webb telescope nearly set to explore the solar system
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Are Republicans and Democrats driven by hatred of one another? Less than you think
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Promoting diversity in reforestation shown to increase productivity
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Function follows form in plant immunity
The role of vegetation in reducing thermal stress in urban areas
New process revolutionizes microfluidic fabrication
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Deep visual proteomics technology provides cell-specific, protein-based information to analyze cancer
Proposed global initiative to study female health across species

Astrophysicists theorize a new type of neutron star

A pair of researchers, one with Manly Astrophysics, the other with Universidad de Murcia, has proposed the existence of a new type of neutron star. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Arthur Suvorov ...

Researchers find a new way to measure flying baseballs

As the Major League Baseball season gets underway, a burning question for many fans of the third most popular sport in the United States is how many homeruns they will see this season. 

Novel framework for classifying chaos and thermalization

One popular example of chaotic behavior is the butterfly effect—a butterfly may flap its wings in somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean and cause a tornado in Colorado. This remarkable fable illustrates how the extreme sensitivity ...