Research shows investors take stock of Super Bowl advertisers

Not all of the 100 million U.S. viewers who tune in Sunday to the 55th Super Bowl will focus solely on the game. Some will watch for the commercials, a Super Bowl of their own in creativity, celebrity cameos and expense.

Study finds treaties help developing economies spur investment

Developing economies suffer from a paradox: they don't receive investment flows from developed economies because they lack stability and high-quality financial and lawmaking institutions, but they can't develop those institutions ...

Study finds obstacles for women and minorities in chemistry

Insufficient interactions with advisers and peers, as well as financial problems, are derailing career aspirations of women and minority groups pursing graduate degrees in the nation's highest-funded chemistry programs.

Researchers solve a Colorado River mystery

A team led by University of Oregon geologist Rebecca Dorsey has published two papers that provide new insights into the origins of the Colorado River, using data from ancient sedimentary deposits located east of the San Andreas ...

Study finds largely Black cities are over- or under-policed

Expanding the size of police forces in mid- to large-sized U.S. cities leads to lowered homicide numbers as well as an increase in arrests for low-level crimes such as liquor violations or disorderly conduct, a University ...

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