The University of Oregon, (U of O) was established in 1876 in Eugene, Oregon. It is classified as high research activity university by the Carnegie Foundation. The student body of undergraduate and graduate students is approximately 20,400. U of O is noted for its science curriculum, architecture and School of Journalism and Communications. U of O has the 2nd oldest school of journalism in the U.S.

Media Relations, Eugene, Oregon 97403

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To split in two, stem cells harness the power of wrinkles

What seems like a straightforward task for a cell—dividing in two—is actually an intricate series of engineering puzzles. A dividing cell needs to maneuver its insides so that the right components will end up in each ...

Chemists cook up brand-new kind of nanomaterial

There's a new nanomaterial on the block. University of Oregon chemists have found a way to make carbon-based molecules with a unique structural feature: interlocking rings.

Study finds DNA repair declines with age, limiting fertility

Even worms have a ticking fertility clock. Older worms are less efficient at repairing broken DNA strands while making egg cells—part of a process that's essential for fertility. A new study from University of Oregon (UO) ...

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