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Taylor Swift made 'ground shaking' UK debut: Seismologists

Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift fans literally made the earth move as the US singer-songwriter began her UK tour, the British Geological Survey said on Thursday, with seismic activity recorded six kilometers (nearly four miles) away.

The American pop sensation kicked off the UK-leg of her Eras tour with three shows in the Scottish capital Edinburgh attended by over 200,000 fans between Friday and Sunday.

Each show broke the record for the most-attended stadium concert in Scottish history, with the BGS detecting earthquake readings generated by the concerts.

The BGS also revealed the fan favorites "Ready For It?", "Cruel Summer" and "Champagne Problems" resulted in the "most significant seismic activity each night".

During "Ready for It?", the crowd was transmitting approximately 80 kilowatts of power—equivalent to some 6,000 car batteries.

Data suggested that fans at the first on Friday night had the "most enthusiastic dancing", added the BGS, which is responsible for recording earthquakes in the UK.

This is not the first time Swift has got her fans to "shake it off", with her concerts in Seattle in the United States last July generating seismic activity equal to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake according to a geologist.

After Edinburgh, the Swiftie-mania makes its way to Liverpool in northwest England, followed by shows in Cardiff in Wales and London's Wembley Stadium, with 15 summer dates scheduled across the country.

The tour is set to boost the UK economy by almost £1 billion ($1.3 billion), according to a Barclays study from May, estimating nearly 1.2 million fans shelling out £848 on tickets, travel, accommodation and merchandise.

Swift's Eras tour became the first ever to cross the $1-billion valuation at the end of last year.

"The opportunity to explore a created by a different kind of phenomenon has been a thrill," said Callum Harrison, a BGS seismologist.

"Clearly Scotland's reputation for providing some of the most enthusiastic audiences remains well intact!"

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