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Video: Tracking human emissions from space

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

The Copernicus Anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide Monitoring (CO2M) mission will be the first satellite mission to measure how much carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere through human activity.

CO2M isn't just a ; it's a crucial step in our commitment to understanding and mitigating climate change. It will offer unprecedented precision in monitoring from the combustion of fossil fuel at national and regional scales.

Its will provide the EU with a unique and independent source of information to assess the effectiveness of policy measures and to track their impact towards decarbonizing Europe ahead of the next Global Stocktake set to place in 2028.

The video features interviews with Valerie Fernandez, CO2M Mission Project Manager, Yannig Durand, CO2M Payload Manager and Yasjka Meijer, CO2M Mission Scientist.

Credit: European Space Agency

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