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The importance of social media in corporate social responsibility

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A new study by Dr. Lucie Kvasničková Stanislavská from Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague, has found that social media is an increasingly important tool for companies to communicate their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

The study analyzed more than half a million tweets from 2017 to 2022 and identified the key topics and trends communicated in connection with CSR on Twitter. The study, published in PeerJ Computer Science, is titled "Global analysis of Twitter communication in area: sustainability, climate change, and ."

"Our results aid enterprises in developing communication strategies that support the company's existence as a socially responsible subject and promote the management of the company's reputation in accordance with the CSR philosophy," write the authors. "The study also opens up possibilities for further research for other , such as Instagram or LinkedIn."

The study found that the most commonly mentioned topics on Twitter in connection with CSR were sustainability, , and waste management, highlighting the growing importance of environmental issues to companies and their stakeholders. However, the study also found that charity remained the largest single topic, indicating that social impact is still a key area of focus for companies.

The analysis also identified areas of growth and decline in CSR communication on Twitter. The areas of ESG (environmental, social, and governance), , and charity were identified as growth areas, while green and philanthropy were identified as decreasing in importance. The findings of the study have important implications for companies looking to improve their CSR efforts and engage with their stakeholders.

More information: Lucie Kvasničková Stanislavská et al, Global analysis of Twitter communication in corporate social responsibility area: sustainability, climate change, and waste management, PeerJ Computer Science (2023). DOI: 10.7717/peerj-cs.1390

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