Researchers complete study on agricultural economic contributions to North Dakota

Researchers complete study on agricultural economic contributions
NDSU researchers Dean Bangsrud and Nancy Hodur, Gov. Doug Burgum and Greg Lardy, vice president for agricultural affairs (left to right) during the study's release to media at the state capitol. Credit: North Dakota State University

NDSU researchers recently completed an inaugural study on the economic contributions of agriculture to the state of North Dakota. Results show a contribution of nearly $31 billion to the economy and more than 110,000 jobs.

The NDSU Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics and the NDSU Center for Social Research partnered to capture the economic contributions of all segments of agriculture in a single, comprehensive assessment.

"This examination is the first time that agriculture has been broadly defined to include all aspects of the industry," said Nancy Hodur, director for the NDSU Center for Social Research. "Past studies looked only at a single segment of agriculture, such as an individual commodity."

"Agriculture in North Dakota is much more than farm production and includes handling, transportation, processing and manufacturing," said Dean Bangsund, NDSU research scientist in the Department of Agribusiness and Applied Economics. "When all of agriculture is combined, its impact is significant."

Key data from the study show that:

  • Agriculture represents 20% to 25% of the state's economy.
  • The total economic contribution is $30.8 billion.
  • 1 out of every 5 jobs in the state is supported by agriculture.
  • Of the 110,480 agriculture-related jobs in the state, about 43,000 jobs are involved directly in and processing, and about 67,400 jobs are required to support the .
  • Labor income for agriculture-related jobs is $7 billion.

"The data shows that agriculture's impact is far broader than farms and ," Hodur said. "This study demonstrates the breadth of agriculture and its importance to not only rural North Dakota but the entire state."

"Agriculture is critical to North Dakota's economy and is a driver of economic activity in all 53 counties," Greg Lardy, for Agricultural Affairs at NDSU, said. "This study provides the baseline data needed to help move the industry forward. As the state adds additional value-added processing capacity, the economic contribution of agriculture will continue to grow."

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