The state of natural capital accounting in Europe

MAIA fact sheets: The state of natural capital accounting in Europe
An overview of the MAIA Country fact sheets. Credit: Pensoft Publishers

Mapping and Assessment for Integrated Ecosystem Accounting promotes the mainstreaming of natural capital accounting (NCA) in EU member states and Norway. The main methodological basis of the project is the System of Environmental Economic Accounting—Ecosystem Accounting (SEEA-EA). 

In order to promote NCA development in the EU, the has developed a collection of ten fact sheets, reflecting the current state of affairs on natural capital in the countries involved in MAIA. Specifically designed to serve as an intuitive tool for the user, the facts sheets inform on the policy priorities for further developing NCA and the pilot accounts in Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic and Germany. Additionally, insight on the knowledge gaps and difficulties, as well as support needs for developing natural capital accounts are featured in the fact sheets. The presented information in the fact sheets document is based on MAIA deliverables and exchanges, where the content has been reviewed and co-authored by MAIA's experts in the participating countries.The fact sheets reflect the current state of development of NCA in the MAIA-involved countries, however, they also highlight the project's involvement in the process of establishing the natural capital accounting in the respective states.

"MAIA allows us to carry out initiatives to implement ecosystem accounting on a national scale," Assoc. Prof. Fernando Santos Martin, National coordinator of Spain. "In addition, it also helps us to share experiences among the different groups involved in the project." 

Placed in a dedicated section of the project website, the fact sheets also allow the users to submit information on the state of affairs on NCA outside the MAIA consortium. In this way, the fact sheets serve as an accessible overview and entry point for collaboration. Additionally, for all those who have further questions, or would like to get involved in a productive discussion with MAIA's experts, there is a contact form and a FAQ area.  

The information materials will be updated once more towards the end of the project, in order to evaluate the impact of MAIA in the respective countries. Finally, these fact sheets will have the objective to contrast policy priorities across the different countries and within the European level.

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