How improved inner-city green infrastructure can improve public health

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Academics from Murdoch University did not need a tourism budget to showcase Perth to the rest of the world—they let their research do the promoting. A recent concept article by Murdoch researchers Jackie Parker and Greg Simpson was selected from 42 other research papers to be profiled on the front cover of the latest issue of the international journal Land. The featured article, showing the Perth CBD on the front cover of the internationally recognized publication, explores the twin urban crises of climate change and declining human health.

Ms Parker and Mr Simpson wrote the article—which highlights that quality can improve by reconnecting to nature—to be an accessible reference tool to inform community representatives, land managers, , place makers, and decision makers at all levels.

Ms Parker and Mr Simpson said if followed, the initiatives recommended in the paper would build the resilience of urban centers to climate change.

"It is important decision makers are aware how significant it is that green infrastructure such as public parks and street trees can improve the quality of life in our ," Ms Parker said. "It's exciting when an international journal such as Land highlights an article such as ours on research that has global relevance."

"It was an amazing surprise and honor when Land chose to internationally profile our work in this way," Mr Simpson said.

"To have Perth featured on a renowned international publication, pointing to such important research about climate change and improved living standards, is most important in that it demonstrates our commitment to improving the livability of our city, and improving the livability of cities around the globe. Jackie and I share a passion and commitment to maximizing the livability of cities via the availability of quality urban nature—both plants and native animals. It is rewarding to know that others recognize and value our research efforts."

Working in association with the Harry Butler Institute, Ms Parker and Mr Simpson conducts research into the human nature connections provided by ecotourism and recreation

The two researchers are forging a successful research alliance in the space of green infrastructure, urban nature experience, Importance-Performance Analysis, and more, with multiple articles published together in the past few years.

"We managed to commission an amazing photograph, which showcases our beautiful home town of Perth, to be used for the cover, making this even more special," Ms Parker said.

More information: Jackie Parker et al. A Theoretical Framework for Bolstering Human-Nature Connections and Urban Resilience via Green Infrastructure, Land (2020). DOI: 10.3390/land9080252

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