Theorists suggest 'Higgs Troika' may have been responsible for disappearance of antimatter

Theorists suggest 'Higgs Troika' may have been responsible for disappearance of antimatter
Timeline of the universe. A representation of the evolution of the universe over 13.77 billion years. The far left depicts the earliest moment we can now probe, when a period of "inflation" produced a burst of exponential growth in the universe. (Size is depicted by the vertical extent of the grid in this graphic.) For the next several billion years, the expansion of the universe gradually slowed down as the matter in the universe pulled on itself via gravity. More recently, the expansion has begun to speed up again as the repulsive effects of dark energy have come to dominate the expansion of the universe. The afterglow light seen by WMAP was emitted about 375,000 years after inflation and has traversed the universe largely unimpeded since then. The conditions of earlier times are imprinted on this light; it also forms a backlight for later developments of the universe. Credit: NASA/WMAP Science Team

A team of researchers from Brookhaven National Laboratory and the University of Kansas has developed a theory to explain why there is so much more matter than antimatter in the universe. They have written a paper describing their theory and have posted it on the arXiv preprint server.

For many years, space scientists have unsuccessfully tried to explain why there is so much more matter in the universe than . In this new effort, the researchers have come up with a that they believe could explain the mystery.

The researchers note that thus far, study of the cosmic microwave background suggests that the difference in amounts of matter versus antimatter likely did not happen during the birth of the universe, but slightly after. They note that during that , theories suggest the four forces were still united as one. They further note that recent work at the Large Hadron Collider revealed the existence of a very high-energy Higgs boson with a mass of 125 GeV/c2. That finding hinted at the possibility of many kinds of very high-energy Higgs bosons. And that is the basis of the new theory.

The researchers suggest that it is possible that three types of very high-energy Higgs Bosons existed during the time just before a large percentage of antimatter disappeared. And those three kinds of particles, which the researchers refer to as the "Higgs Troika," may have played a role in getting rid of much antimatter. They suggest that a stream of matter was being created by the three particles as they decayed just after the birth of the universe. They further note that a lot of those particles that made up that matter would meet with antimatter particles, resulting in the annihilation of both. If this went on for a length of time, most of the antimatter in the universe would have disappeared. But there would have been enough matter generated by the Higgs Troika remaining to comprise all the baryonic matter observed in the today.

For the scenario to work, the researchers note, there would have to have been two as-yet undiscovered Higgs particles, plus the one that has been identified. And they would all have required high enough energies to generate matter when they decayed. Also, the time frame during which the antimatter was being lost would have been short, before the four forces split into their natural states.

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More information: Higgs Troika for Baryon Asymmetry, arXiv:1909.02044 [hep-ph]
Journal information: arXiv

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Sep 30, 2019
Another example of using the "dark matter" theory to explain a mystery. Dark matter is just plain bunk being used as an excuse to cover an unknown piece of the total Gravitation mystery. We need to move past this bluster and figure out exactly what's going on.

Sep 30, 2019
Another example of using the "dark matter" theory to explain a mystery. Dark matter is...
...nowhere to be found mentioned, or even entailed, in the article.

Sep 30, 2019
well dude, show us your math
to debunk dark matter
or provide the math for your unsupported fantasy of an alternative to DM theory

how about a database of observations you have accumulated?

do you have any data collected by alternative theory technology?
any of tour own observations using an alternative to modern astronomical devices?

how about a working invention based on your alternative to science?

p.s. DM theory is the basis for a new device in development for prospecting minerals

dude, you are falling behind
& need to pick-up your pace
if you just intend to finish this race
staggering in dead last!

Sep 30, 2019
A high school sophomore heard about the three types of neutrinos and decided,"Hey, that is too cool" and applied it to Higgs particles, which were just as exotic and misunderstood as neutrinos to the sophomore.
The Higgs particle we know and love was discovered through its decay particles, none of which involve anti matter annihilation. Regular matter in and regular matter produced equal to each other (conservation of energy) so eliminating more antimatter after decay compared to before decay is impossible. A pound of feathers is not heavier than a pound of lead, duh. has discovered a fact of modern life, bad science gets more clicks than good science, sad but true.

Sep 30, 2019
.... has discovered a fact of modern life, bad science gets more clicks than good science, sad but true.

What do you suggest? Wick rotation as an interpretation for left handed chirality preference, ever non-singular or some state reduction via gravity, censored, however fated? Physics is a substrate conditional effective theory. It's form of story telling takes no privy to the very problems of logic itself.
This sentence is a lie. And yet the informational interpretation is left to you.
The law of no law, is a law.
There are intrinsic principles to distinguishably, how fortunate are we that we do not have to listen to such serenity, as such with insurance in exploration.
Sophistry is not determinable in some thesises. Zero can be saved. A perturbation can be made to preserve rank and announce a pluralism, yet what cannot be said is how we should fill such a channel.
Neither good nor bad, is a creation or a destruction operator. But what ought be conserved?

Oct 01, 2019
About the matter anti-matter asymmetry of the Universe: the electron as the fossil of the anti-proton.
It is known that charged elementary particles are always produced in pairs of particle and anti-particle. However, the Universe only contains protons, with no trace of anti-protons. So, where has gone the anti-proton? The anti-proton is considered to be stable at the laboratory scale, but is it at a cosmic time-scale? Its absence in the cosmos suggests that it may not. Since the cosmos is electrically neutral as a whole, populated by protons and electrons, could the electron be the vestige of the disappeared anti-proton? The Universe is observed to be asymmetrical with respect to its composition at the level of elementary particles. In effect, protons are not compensated by anti-protons and neither electrons by anti-electrons (positrons), besides the fact that their coexistence is incompatible since they mutually annihilate. https://www.resea...23756114

Oct 01, 2019
Your problem, @george, is that the quarks that make up antiprotons are not demonstrated to show asymmetry in decay. And that's something they started looking for since they found the neutral kaon asymmetry. And that was an awfully long time ago.

Oct 01, 2019
The general rule of thumb is one second for an electron mass to form.
(The time it takes hydrogen to deionise)
The math is brilliant the problem is the time the high density energy needs to persist in the observational space, one second for the LHC and all energy is spent.

Oct 01, 2019
A super high powered magnet in the floor of the reaction chamber, in the hope of creating a time dilation factor of 2:1, would drop the reaction time to .5 seconds in theory.
(Remember compressed space is time dilation in this equation)
South pole pointing up 8-)

Oct 01, 2019
Since I posted last I have read an article by Fox on the collapse of a bridge in China. Fox readers blame it on the congresswomen Trump does not like, say they had an influence on the design.

To be honest, they make as much sense as some of our own fine readers.

Science is consistent, what is true here is true there, what is true now is true later. Quantum Theory is non intuitive, the slow motion reality we evolved with is not relevant at relativistic velocities existing at subatomic levels. Time, inertia, energy, all these function differently both at the cosmic scale and the quantum scale.
It is not really difficult so much as it is unfamiliar, instinct says it is wrong and will get us killed. So much for our vaunted civilization, our minds live in the paleolithic.

Oct 01, 2019
rule of thumb
you build the bridge longer than the span
plus extra for potential movement
or even loss of either bank

the trump crime syndicate
& faux spews
are just whining that they didn't get a piece of that action

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