Gadgets: Smart tags help you stay organized

If getting organized is on your New Year's resolution list, the Adero is what you need.

Adero is the first Intelligent Organization System, essentially turning your backpack, purse or any bag into a smart bag, with the goal of never leaving without what you need.

The Adero system has Bluetooth-enabled tags that communicate with one another—and you—through an easy-to-use app.

A Smart Tag is your personal assistant and is placed on your bag just like a luggage tag. Then Taglets are stuck on your essentials, which can include headphones, diaper bag, chargers, passports, or anything else needed on the go.

When you're ready to leave, just press the Smart Tag and if it lights up green you're ready to go. But if you get a , something is missing so check your contents before departing. Just log into the Adero app to see what's not packed.

Within the app, schedules can be created with reminders to make sure everything is in your bag. When it's not all there, the app will also tell you that.

With the Smart Tag, you'll know instantly if something is missing without digging through your bag to see if everything is there. The Smart Tags have internal rechargeable batteries, which are good for about a month before recharging on the included USB charger. The Taglets can't be recharged but will last for up to two years

The Adero app is available for Android devices; an iOS version is expected soon. Starter Kit is $119.99 for 3 Smart Tags and 3 Taglets


The more I want to stay away from my smartphone, the more companies supply me with cool gadgets controlled by them.

The latest I tested was Momentum's Aria LED Floodlight with Wi-Fi Camera.

Like every smart home gadget, you must connect it to your existing Wi-Fi and get an account with the device's companion app. Once your setup is complete, and your light is hanging (bracket and hardware included), you'll have comforting 24/7 surveillance in full 1080p HD video.

The camera can attach to your existing hard wire where a light fixture is installed and powered (110 V), or you can set up wiring to power the light in a new location.

The camera has a 270-degree motion and detection zone and a wide-angle, 140-degree field of view. Weather won't be an issue since the camera is water resistant.

When you're viewing someone you perceive to be a concern the camera has two-way audio, enabling you to converse with whoever is in view. If needed, a 110-decibel siren can be activated along with the pair of floodlights with a total of 5,000 lumens, which will easily light up the area where motion is detected. During the night hours, the camera automatically shifts to night vision mode.

The app allows for notifications as alerts happen and custom rules can be set up for specific needs, schedule rules and also allows you to take still photos of what the camera is viewing.

According to Momentum, video from the can be captured and stored on secure servers with Momentum's cloud service, which offers a free 30-day trial. You may also store the video on your MicroSD memory card (up to 128GB) in the cameras card slot. $179.99

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