US urging allies to shun Huawei: WSJ

The US reportedly views Huawei equipment as a security risk
The US reportedly views Huawei equipment as a security risk

The United States is trying to persuade wireless companies and internet providers in allied countries to shun equipment made by Chinese telecoms giant Huawei, citing cyber security risks, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday.

The lobbying campaign, also targeting government officials, is taking place in allied countries where Huawei equipment is widely in use such as Germany, Italy and Japan, the Journal reported, quoting people familiar with the situation.

The US is also mulling more financial aid for telecoms development in countries that avoid using Chinese-made equipment, some of these people say, according to the Journal.

Huawei—one of the world's largest telecommunications equipment and services providers—has been under scrutiny in some countries, including the United States and Australia, over its alleged close links to Beijing.

Huawei has long refuted accusations of security risks and links to the Chinese state intelligence services.

One US worry is over the use of Chinese telecom in with US military bases, according to people familiar with the matter, such as Germany, Italy and Japan, the newspaper said.

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Nov 23, 2018
Oh man, this rich irony. Enough to qualify as Hematite!

Since the 1950's, a variety of US military and government acronyms have been clandestinely re-coding and adding their own circuitry to the boards produced American and foreign manufacturers.

The Yank agencies, acting at cross-purposes and muddling up one another's efforts? Helps to explain why it has been so easy for twelve-year old, puppy programmers to hack your systems and data.

The hypocrisy is blinding. Accusing other nations for practicing what we taught them. The "Blame Game" is such an American perversion.

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