Bronze swords, other items found in plundered Greek cemetery

Greece's culture ministry says archaeologists have found an undisturbed grave with pottery, weapons and jewelry at a heavily plundered cemetery that is more than 3,500-years old.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday the discovery was made at the Mycenaean-era cemetery near the village of Aidonia and the ancient Nemea site in the southern Peloponnese.

The was looted extensively in the late 20th century. Greece recovered many finds from the United States and tombs that had remained untouched were excavated.

Digs this summer revealed a rock-cut chamber tomb with burials on two levels, the oldest dating from 1650-1400 B.C.

The ministry says items buried with the dead included storage jars with painted decorations, bronze swords and daggers, copper, obsidian and flint arrowheads, jewelry and seal stones.

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