Pet cemeteries reveal rise of belief in pet afterlife

Whilst many have explored changing social trends with human cemeteries, few archeologists have studied the animal equivalent. Dr. Eric Tourigny examined the graves at pet cemeteries in Newcastle and London over 100 years—starting ...

Greek archaeologists uncover riches overlooked by robbers

Archaeologists in northern Greece have explored more than 200 new graves in a vast ancient cemetery that was plundered in antiquity but still retained rich finds, including a gold mask and bronze helmets.

Lost graves identified by new archaeology methods

Flinders University archaeologists are using cutting edge subsurface imaging technology to help assist community groups map unmarked graves and manage their cultural heritage.

China bike-sharing pioneer Ofo hits the skids

Bicycle cemeteries, blocked pavements and angry users: the bike-sharing craze is beginning to look like an economic disaster in China, where fierce competition appears set to drive a pioneer of the sector into the ditch.

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